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Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Offensive Explosion with Addition of Deep Threat

For the second game in a row, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman has been given the freedom to launch the ball down the field in an effort to connect on the big play.

The coaching staff seems to have made a large shift in how they are allowing Freeman to Jordans For Sale. During the first three games, Freeman threw the ball just 80 times. In his next two he attempted 65 passes.

Freeman is also throwing the ball downfield more. After not trying a pass of 20 yards or more against the Carolina Panthers, and being forced to throw six in a shootout with the New York Giants, Freeman notched 11 long passes in his first three games.

Against the Redskins and the Chiefs, he posted eight passes of 20 yards or more.

Against the Washington Redskins in Week 4, Freeman was 3-of-3 for 141 yards on passes of 20 yards or more. Against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 6, Freeman was 3-of-5 for 160 yards and a touchdown on cheap air jordans.

Freeman has been called upon to throw deep more often, quite frankly because he’s good at it and the plays seem to be working.

Freeman’s 19 attempts of deep passes of 20 yards or more rank 21st in the league. But his 11 completions place him eighth on the list. Furthermore, Freeman has logged 464 yards through the air on deep balls, more than any quarterback in the NFL.

Let’s look at Freeman’s three completions of 20 yards or more against the Chiefs.


Debates are all the rage as elections near next month

Debates are all the rage as elections near next month.

Calling the fierce battle left tackle Donald Penn will have with Vikings defensive end Jared Allen a debate is a bit of cheap nfl jerseys, but the two will be clashing all night.

According to Pro Football Focus (pay wall), no defensive end in the league has brought more pressure on quarterbacks from the right side of the defense than Allen with 33 total pressures. Allen has six sacks, eight quarterback hits and 19 hurries already on the season.

Penn’s only allowed one sack (only eight offensive tackles with 150 passing snaps or more have allowed fewer) this year and 11 hurries. Penn’s done a marvelous job at keeping Freeman clean in 2012 and will have to do so again Thursday.

These two have squared off recently—Week 2 of last year—with Penn seemingly the victor as he only gave up one sack to Allen in that contest. However, Penn also allowed two of his seven quarterback hits last year to Allen, and the Vikings defensive end hurried Freeman twice too in that game.

With Minnesota attempting to take away deep lanes, Freeman should throw a bunch of quick routes Thursday, which will help Penn. There should also be a few times where Freeman will have a chance to cheap nfl jerseys wholesale. Since they’ll happen less frequently than usual, Penn must keep Allen off Freeman and allow him an extra second or so in the pocket to throw.

The way to keep Newton from making a ton of mistakes is to simplify the offense and keep him in the pocket

The way to keep Newton from making a ton of mistakes is to simplify the offense and keep him in the pocket, both plans Shula and Rivera will institute in 2013.

Remember Week 4 of the 2012 season? The Panthers were on the road in Atlanta and owned a one-point lead over the undefeated Falcons with under two minutes to play. On 3rd-and-short, Newton tried to stretch a run play for a first down but fumbled. Fullback Mike Tolbert recovered the ball, but Carolina had to punt.

The Falcons drove the field in under a minute and kicked a game-winning field goal. Newton’s fumble wasn’t the sole reason why Carolina lost that game, but it’s the play everyone remembers. And it’s a result that won’t be replicated as often if Newton isn’t carrying the football as much in 2013.

There were also two media reports from last season that speculated that Newton was tipping his hand in the read-option and that Carolina wasn’t doing him any favors in its play-calling.

If Newton was predictable or Carolina was running the read-option too much early on, those trends stopped later in the season. If they hadn’t, Carolina would not have won five of its last six games. But now the coaching staff plans to remove all doubt and greatly reduce the read-option from the game plan.

If it’s truly only “an option,” as Gettleman announced at the combine, the play might be more effective used sparingly.

But that theory only works if Carolina running backs DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart are successful in their transition as the Panthers move to a power-running scheme.

Keeping Newton in the pocket and limiting his running also only works if Newton becomes a more precise passer. His career completion percentage is 58.9, and he’s never had a season above 60 percent. Only four quarterbacks—Eli Manning, Joe Flacco, Jay Cutler and Andrew Luck—led their teams to winning records last season with completion percentages below 60. They were the exceptions to the rule.

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How NFL Offenses Have Transformed over the Past Decade

The NFL hasn’t changed much in the last decade, at least not off the field. The same 32 teams in the same 32 cities play the same old 16-game schedule. For those of us on the grown-up side of 30 years old, 2003 doesn’t even seem like 10 years ago.

While today’s NFL may be, as then, the NFL of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, the game has quietly undergone an offensive revolution.

After the 2003 New England Patriots used a relentlessly physical secondary to shut down Manning and the Indianapolis Colts, NFL officials changed the way they enforced pass interference. That provided an immediate boost to passing offense, and offensive coordinators have been trying to press that advantage ever since.

In every way, NFL offense has changed dramatically over the past 10 years—and for the better.

As the NFL looked to the college game for advanced passing inspiration, pro teams spread the field with more wide receivers, passed far more and let their quarterbacks line up in the shotgun to avoid the pass rush.

Single-back offenses fell out of favor, and running backs became far more specialized. With most teams using two, three or four running backs like Swiss army knives, there’s less overall running than there was a decade ago, but it’s more effective.

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Robert Griffin III gets up

Robert Griffin III gets up
The NFL remains as craven and shame-resistant and self-satirizing and multiply objectionable as ever. It has been a long and ugly offseason, and it’s not over yet. The team that employs Griffin remains one of the NFL’s less lovable sub-enterprises, gouging fans without shame and spending millions to spin its slur of Cheap Nike Ravens Jerseys into some sort of denatured aspirational brand. All bad, all oppressive and present and not necessarily going anywhere.
But on the other hand: Robert Griffin III, throwing passes and cutting and being himself on a football field.
Griffin’s on-field truth doesn’t excuse or cancel any of Nike Camo Jerseys and synergistic pettifoggery of the bigger enterprise, of course. If anything, the contrast his brilliance creates is a reminder of just what this transaction is. Football and Robert Griffin III are captivating and alive and strange; there is nothing really like it. The NFL is an alternately pompous and crass business enterprise leveraged and re-leveraged on all that, and Griffin’s team is a particularly hideous remora riding that leviathan, mumbling something about pride. That is, the NFL and its Washington franchise are disconcertingly like a disconcertingly large number of things in our culture at the moment.
Forget his numbers and awards and measurables and intangibles, and consider that in this ghoulish, shameless, self-satirizing league, on this drearily emblematic team, the likelihood of Griffin getting back under center nearly gets us back to even. That’s what he does, and what he means, and what he’s worth. Hate his team all you like, disdain the league and its smug evasions and idiot appropriations and appalling corporate callousness. What Robert Griffin III does, and what a few other players do, is the reason why any of this can exist. Without what he does, the league’s a loud pile of brands and money in a too-expensive suit, a very expensive corpse. He’s the life in it.
So: Griffin’s knee went in its MC Escher-ian direction and the game ended. The drunks went back into the parking lot or just went home, and we went down into the locker rooms. I saw Trent Williams, as wide as a sedan and near tears, not-quite answer some questions about why he punched Richard Sherman. I saw Snyder, with the anti-gravitas of me on my Bar Mitzvah day, pacing the training room in Cheap NFL Jerseys Online and a yellow Redskins hat. A whole glacial moraine of hairy-bellied linemen getting dressed in silence.
In a corner, the tight end Logan Paulsen was shocked and slumped at his locker. “I just wanted to get over to him and make sure he didn’t try to stand up,” he said when asked why he rushed to Griffin’s side after that last knee-buckle. “Because he always tries to do that.”
And then Griffin came out, still in his pads, and sat at his locker for a long time. Later, he’d follow Mike Shanahan — clipped, Air Force-y diction from a tight orange face — and London Fletcher at the podium in the media room. Griffin was almost certainly either in agonizing pain or aloft on an opioid cloud, but he handled questions with grace. No, he wouldn’t have been out there if he hadn’t thought he could play. Yes, trainers had said he could go. (This part wound up being more complicated.) The destroyed field? “That’s just part of our home field advantage,” he joked. He was defiant and poised and then he left, to go home and get his knee rebuilt.
But before that, my co-writer saw something that I didn’t. I didn’t look at Griffin, after a while, as he sat at his locker, because he seemed to need privacy. I saw him begin to remove the mile or so of tape on his body and looked away; anyway, he wasn’t taking questions. But my friend swears he saw this — that Griffin unrolled some black tape from around his wrist and balled it up, then casually threw it into a garbage can halfway across the room.
No one but my friend saw him do this. No one but my friend can confirm that Griffin then looked at him, from the depths of wherever he was, and winked. But for all the silly, stupid, often actively ugly implausibilities that the NFL and its branded myth asks you to believe, ask yourself whether you can believe that Griffin did that. Ask whether anything else about the NFL is half as convincing.

Lu of inaction towards Hsu Renee waved

“No interest” Lu of inaction towards Hsu Renee waved, she sat down, Naqijiubei seem to be drinking, in fact, at the moment the land inaction positive Zeimeishuyan of looking around. Looking for escape routes.
Just at this time, four Tahan, ghostly suddenly appear in front Lu inaction. Surrounded land inaction Rider prodigy.
Uh ~ heroes, do not get me wrong, we do not know this kid, just him and the table just completely do not know. “Prodigy old trick. Refers landing inaction of those Tahan Road.
Land inaction has this old guy was devastated, ferocious stare of a child prodigy, they stood up and shouted: “Waiter, pay the bill.”
On in the bald Tahan then four Tahan one, on Miss inaction: “the Miss Xu Mengmeng, you came to power.”
The Miss inaction Zuiyan hazy watched bald Han a disdain: “Please, I have to go do? Really think of myself as the Queen? Rely
“You,” one of the four Han now has a posture ready to cheap minnesota vikings jerseys, but blocked bald Han.
Bald Han followed to see landing inaction polite and said: “Please work with us up the trip, otherwise ……..”
“Bam ~” before bald Han finished land inaction hands of the glass falls on Han’s head bald.
As bald Han unsuspecting. So is the land the inaction so a hit immediately back a few steps.
Almost Meanwhile, split Mile Bala land inaction with lightning speed so he took four bottles, respectively, fell on the head of the other three Han.
Suddenly two guys badly beaten fall to the ground. The rest of clutching his head a few steps back again and again, until barely firm body.

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Robert Kraft claims he was duped, though the owner of the New England Patriots seemed to have plenty of warnings before taking tight end Aaron Hernandez in the 2010 NFL draft.
The fact Hernandez was left untouched by other teams until midway through the fourth round despite his obvious physical skills was one. So was an incident while Hernandez was at the University of Florida, when the 17-year-old allegedly refused to pay for two drinks at a bar and then sucker-punched an employee who tried to collect.
And then there was a psychological profile from a scouting service widely distributed among NFL teams that ranked him on the bottom of the scale for social maturity and indicated there could be problems ahead.
“Hernandez’s … responses suggest that he enjoys living on the edge of acceptable behavior and that he may be prone to partying too much and doing questionable things that could be seen as a problem for him and his team,” said the report by Human Resource Tactics, which was obtained by Wall Street Journal.