Debates are all the rage as elections near next month

Debates are all the rage as elections near next month.

Calling the fierce battle left tackle Donald Penn will have with Vikings defensive end Jared Allen a debate is a bit of cheap nfl jerseys, but the two will be clashing all night.

According to Pro Football Focus (pay wall), no defensive end in the league has brought more pressure on quarterbacks from the right side of the defense than Allen with 33 total pressures. Allen has six sacks, eight quarterback hits and 19 hurries already on the season.

Penn’s only allowed one sack (only eight offensive tackles with 150 passing snaps or more have allowed fewer) this year and 11 hurries. Penn’s done a marvelous job at keeping Freeman clean in 2012 and will have to do so again Thursday.

These two have squared off recently—Week 2 of last year—with Penn seemingly the victor as he only gave up one sack to Allen in that contest. However, Penn also allowed two of his seven quarterback hits last year to Allen, and the Vikings defensive end hurried Freeman twice too in that game.

With Minnesota attempting to take away deep lanes, Freeman should throw a bunch of quick routes Thursday, which will help Penn. There should also be a few times where Freeman will have a chance to cheap nfl jerseys wholesale. Since they’ll happen less frequently than usual, Penn must keep Allen off Freeman and allow him an extra second or so in the pocket to throw.


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