Lu of inaction towards Hsu Renee waved

“No interest” Lu of inaction towards Hsu Renee waved, she sat down, Naqijiubei seem to be drinking, in fact, at the moment the land inaction positive Zeimeishuyan of looking around. Looking for escape routes.
Just at this time, four Tahan, ghostly suddenly appear in front Lu inaction. Surrounded land inaction Rider prodigy.
Uh ~ heroes, do not get me wrong, we do not know this kid, just him and the table just completely do not know. “Prodigy old trick. Refers landing inaction of those Tahan Road.
Land inaction has this old guy was devastated, ferocious stare of a child prodigy, they stood up and shouted: “Waiter, pay the bill.”
On in the bald Tahan then four Tahan one, on Miss inaction: “the Miss Xu Mengmeng, you came to power.”
The Miss inaction Zuiyan hazy watched bald Han a disdain: “Please, I have to go do? Really think of myself as the Queen? Rely
“You,” one of the four Han now has a posture ready to cheap minnesota vikings jerseys, but blocked bald Han.
Bald Han followed to see landing inaction polite and said: “Please work with us up the trip, otherwise ……..”
“Bam ~” before bald Han finished land inaction hands of the glass falls on Han’s head bald.
As bald Han unsuspecting. So is the land the inaction so a hit immediately back a few steps.
Almost Meanwhile, split Mile Bala land inaction with lightning speed so he took four bottles, respectively, fell on the head of the other three Han.
Suddenly two guys badly beaten fall to the ground. The rest of clutching his head a few steps back again and again, until barely firm body.


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